Presidential Visit

Being a part of covering President Obama’s visit to Northern Nevada today was one of the greatest honors of my life. KTVN was the only local station with live cut-ins of his arrival to the Reno-Tahoe International Airport via Air Force One,  as well as his departure to Tahoe via Marine One.

We had live reporters offering different angles of the president’s visit, including his keynote speech at the Lake Tahoe Summit and the peaceful protesters making their voices heard.

Each of our newscasts featured updated information with new sound bites, keeping the story dynamic moving forward. Our reporters and anchors clearly did their homework and were able to adlib (with ease) portions of the newscast we weren’t capable of writing ahead of time.

I was so incredibly proud of everyone involved in today’s coverage. Viewers often don’t realize how much work and how many people it takes to pull off something of this magnitude. That’s not a bad thing; really it’s just a testament to the fact that we’re doing our jobs well. If you can’t tell there are dozens of us scrambling behind the scenes to execute the clean show that makes it to your TV screen, it probably means we are doing something right.

Somewhere amid all of today’s chaos, I was reminded that the newsroom is not only where I belong, but thrive.

For a link to the “Presidential Visit” portion of my 7:00 newscast, click the photo below.


I didn’t have time to take many behind the scenes photos today, but below is a good one of director Chad, manning the board like a total boss. (He actually is a boss now. He was recently promoted.) This was taken during a live cut-in — where we cut into regularly scheduled programming for breaking news or big events like this one — as the president returned to the Reno-Tahoe airport after the Lake Tahoe Summit and prior to heading to his next stop, Hawaii.


Thanks for reading/watching 🙂


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