Month in Review/An Accidental Ode to KTVN

What a month it’s been! In the 30 days since my last post, I produced my final newscast at KTVN in Reno, packed up my pets and moved down to Las Vegas, and started a new job at KLAS-TV. Oh, and Donald Trump became President Elect of the United States of America. Did not see that one coming.

Working Election Day was a bit disappointing. No, not because Trump won the vote! (Well, not the popular vote, but you know what I mean.) But because after hyping myself up on finally being a real life news producer working Election Day — nothing short of my wildest dreams come true — because the president had still not been called by showtime, we had to stay with Network and the show I produced never made air. 😦 I also ate my body weight in free pizza and am lactose intolerant so we all know how this story ends. 😦 😦

Anyway, Election Day was November 8th. November 9th was my last day at the station. My bosses got me a cake and my coworkers snuck this segment into my last newscast:

Afterward, a bunch of us went to Public House, a bar in midtown where we’d enjoyed an after-shifter or two before.


We shared stories and memories of my past two years there — like the time Landon dropped and shattered his personal iPhone on air while doing a walk-to-school segment as a morning show reporter. He later became a co-anchor for the nightly newscasts, providing us with this gem after our director accidentally took the wrong camera, catching him off guard:

There were the days Arianna wore production’s favorite dress — the chroma-green one we could superimpose anything onto, including Landon’s face.

There was that time I was promoted to morning show producer and got my own AP, Matt, who introduced himself as “not totally a sociopath because I actually cry all the time.” The stories he told daily later became part of an off-air segment we referred to as “KTVN After Dark”, which started at 11:35 p.m., right after my show finished and he showed up to start putting together his own.


There were the weather naps, especially working morning show with Charlie, when our hours were 11pm-9am.



There was that time we went viral — it was actually the first morning show I’d ever produced on my own. The funniest part is that this comment is what it took to make John Potter go viral. It was hardly the most controversial comment he’d made during chat, but alas. Give the people what they want.


(TIME, Jimmy Kimmel, The Chive, Huffington Post)

The time my mom made the news:


And Share Your Christmas, KTVN’s annual food drive, where I was selected to field produce the segment at the Governor’s Mansion. This ended up being not only a highlight of my time at KTVN, but of my entire life.


While we’re reminiscing about Christmas, lets not forget that one time my boss fell asleep at the company Christmas party.


That one time I accidentally keyed our meteorologist as “Straight Out of Compton”:


And just so. many. other. times.

I didn’t mean for this to become an ode to KTVN, but in the words of my grandmother (and I swear to God she said this before it was a thing) “It is what it is.”

About the move: It was almost too quick to be memorable. As I said earlier, my last shift at KTVN was November 9th. My first at KLAS: November 14th. That gave me a whopping four days to pack my junk, stuff it into a Uhaul and make the 8.5-hour drive down south. There I’d be moving in with my bachelor-in-every-sense-of-the-word boyfriend, along with my French Bulldog Yoshi, who is only 80% potty trained and barfs when he drinks too much water, and my cat, John Lennon, who is exactly zero percent as loving and kind as his namesake. To say my gent has accepted my zoo and I warmly would be the absolute understatement of the century. Transitioning to my new home has gone more smoothly than I could have ever hoped for.

I’m still transitioning into my new job, but have the highest hopes I’ll soon find my place and start making both memories and newscasts like those I made in Reno.

Cue that “I will remember you” song by Sarah McLachlan:

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Newsroom Dog

I woke up bright and early this morning to cover desk at work and give our weekend assignment editor a well-deserved day off. Because I’m also working at the bar tonight, I decided to bring Yoshi along so he wouldn’t be home alone for a solid 16 hours.

Weekends are usually pretty slow news days and the scanners were especially quiet today. So in between writing web stories and updating social media, we decided to have a little fun around the newsroom. Here’s what ensued:

Yoshi on Desk (2)
Listening to scanners for possible story leads

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